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ROWIAL This i.m.o. is the "perfect" track #1 in a compilation with Friedlander's "Kore" as the core. Of course it's a very fine piece of music independently from such a compilation.


I started “Island Man” by experimenting with alto flute samples - the two flutes playing together is a beautiful sound, and led me to an easy, lilting melody, which is the key to the whole track. It unlocked a form for the piece and I was on my way. I wanted to see what i could do with a couple of chords, because I’m always amazed by what pop artists can do with so few. It’s kind of a fictional character, the island man. Maybe the island man even lives in Manhattan!

The recording process took place over about two months - slowly adding sections and new accompanying parts, and finally making the biggest change of all, which was adding the modulation towards the end. Then i started replacing my computer samples with live musicians. I first got C.J. Camerieri to record trumpet and french horn, building up a brass section that totally takes over the end of the track. Timothy Newman came in and put bass trombone on, and then I got Satoshi Takeishi to come in. He recorded four tracks of percussion that really bring the piece to life. Next i added Stomu Takeishi, who energized the piece with his electric bass - his playing is always so personal and surprising. Shoko Nagai brought some life to the fender rhodes part, and finally I added David Weiss on flute. He crushed it, replacing the flute samples and contributing a few solo tracks to choose from.


from 2018 Tracks of the Month, track released September 7, 2018
Shoko Nagai - rhodes
Satoshi Takeishi - percussion
CJ Camerieri - Trumpet, Horns
Timothy Newman - Bass Trombone
Stomu Takeishi - Bass
Dave Weiss - alto flutes
Erik Friedlander - cellos, mixing, electronics


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Erik Friedlander New York, New York

Cellist Erik Friedlander is a composer, an improviser, and a veteran of NYC's Downtown scene. Friedlander started studying music at at age 5 with guitar and then at age 8, cello lessons. Hiss father, a photographer and an avid music lover, made countless mixtapes. Erik's desire to actively participate in the swirl of music styles he grew accustom to hearing led him to find new ways to play the ... more

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