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ROWIAL D' y' like contemporary (chamber-)orchestral music? Which may include dissonance & complexity but doesn't need to be fully srcewed, micro- &/or a-tonal &/or derived from cryptically generated combinations of fibunacci numbers? But it should offer perceivable "drama", dynamics as well as melodies, rhythms and colorful instrumentation? Well, this very FINE CELLO CONCERT is a prime opportunity to get more of that.


Erik Friedlander's 2014 concerto for himself and 21 instrumentalists is inspired by the Greek myth of Persephone, or Kore, who was kidnapped by Hades and eventually forced to spend half the year with him in the underworld. Although this myth is used to describe how the seasons came to be, Friedlander chose to see another side: His KORE tells of the wresting away of a loved one by death and the all too human hope that the intensity of one’s mourning will bring that loved one back to life. Loss is complicated and sometimes the loved one does indeed come back, visiting us through memory and dream. These moments are celebrated by KORE


from 2018 Tracks of the Month, released January 1, 2019
My track of the month for December is “Kore,” a 2014 commission from the JazztoPad festival. “Kore” is an orchestral work for 21 musicians. It premiered at the 2014 JazztoPad Festival, and this recording comes from that concert. Enjoy!


Kore - JazztoPad Festival 2014

Wroclaw Philharmonic Hall, Poland

Music by Erik Friedlander (commission from Jazztopad Festival 2014)

Erik Friedlander, cello

David Fulmer, conductor leading the Musicians of National Music Form


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Erik Friedlander New York, New York

Cellist Erik Friedlander is a composer, an improviser, and a veteran of NYC's Downtown scene. Friedlander started studying music at at age 5 with guitar and then at age 8, cello lessons. Hiss father, a photographer and an avid music lover, made countless mixtapes. Erik's desire to actively participate in the swirl of music styles he grew accustom to hearing led him to find new ways to play the ... more

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